Vasık from Kutahya and His Biladiyye

Generally biladiyyes are one of the genres of manzums written about the settlements in Ottoman geography. These genres of poems are similar to the şehrengizs written about the various cities in terms of content. However, the biladiyyes differ from the şehrengizs preferred being used the names of the settlements in terms of tevriye rather than they gave detailed information about these settlements.The number of the poems written in this genre is limited in our literature. In the light of the studies before, it was detected that Arayıcı-zade Hüseyin Ferdi, Derviş Ömer Efendi, Fasihi Zihni Efendi, Mecdi and Lutfi had the biladiyyes about this genre. Among them, The biladiyye of Fasihi is not at hand. During the scannings of the mecmuas we did, except from these poets, we detected one more poet with the nickname of Vasık not having any information about his life in the sources and known from the 18th century poets had biladiyye. With this poem we detected, the number of the poets preferred this genre increases to eight, and the number of the poems at hand increases to seven. In this study, a general evaluation was made on the biladiyyes, one of the genre of verses having uncommon samples, later, translated transcripted text emphasizing the form and content characteristics of Vasık’s biladiyye was given.


Classical Turkish Literature, 16th Century, Biladiyye, Vasık.

Author : - Yunus Kaplan
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