Ethics Committee Approval

"Ethics Committee Approval" will be requested from the candidate manuscripts sent to our journal. In addition, manuscripts that do not include information about the permission (board name, date and number) in the Ethics Committee Approval in the method section of the article and also on the first/last page of the article will not be evaluated. Therefore, related documents and information will be requested from all works sent or to be sent to our journal

For the manuscripts sent to our journal before 2020, the authors will be asked for "Ethics Committee Approval" information and documents after the evaluation process of the manuscript the decision made as "can be published". The manuscripts that submitted before 2020 and without the approval of the Ethics Committee, must sent a confirmation document signed by all authors to the journal secreteriat if the decision that manuscript can be published. The confirmation document must be written as "In the written process of the study entitled XXXXX; scientific, ethical and citiation rules were followed; I undertake that no falsification has been made on the collected data; Near East Historical Review Editor and the Journal has no responsibility for all ethical violations to be encountered; all responsibility belongs to the authors and that this study has not been sent to any other academic journal for evaluation. The declaration text will be published on the last page of the study accepted for publication and it will be stated that it