Comparing the Uyghur Oguz Kagan Legend with Oguz Kagan as found in Rashid al-Din’s Oguznamah, in terms of the Alp (Brave) personification

The Oguz Kagan Legend is one of the most important works of the Turkish legendary tradition. The manuscript of this legend is found in the Natioanl Library in Paris. The work is written in the Uighur script, and was put to writing probably prior to 14th century. The Oguz Turks transferred this legend orally, and secured that it reaches to our day. Mythological features occupy a large place in this legend. In the Oguznamah of Rashid aDin, narratives about Oguz Kagan and his sons are related. This Oguznamah was written by a historical perspective. In this paper, Oguz Kagan, who is the hero of the two works, will be compared in terms of the Alp (Brave) personification.


Legend, Oguz Kagan Legend, Rashi al-Din’s Oguznamah Oguz Kagan, Alp (Brave) personification

Author : - İbrahim Boz
Number of pages: null
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