The semiotic examination of the tale “Dülger Kızı”

In this work, the tale Dülger Kızı is analized in terms of semiotics. The agents model by A. J. Greimas is used in the analysis. Based on this model, the tale Dülger Kızı is analyzed in terms of narration level, expression level, and logical-semantical level. In the narration level, the tale is divided into sections, and the actions in connection with the agents are determined in those sections. In the expression level, attributes of the agents were established. And in the logical-semantical level, reciprocities found during the narrative process were detected. We tried to find the deep formation in the tale’s background out.


Tale, semiotics, narration level, expression level, logical-semantical level

Author : - İbrahim Boz
Number of pages: null
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