The Reflection of Interior (Domestic) and Security Services to the Daily Life During the Republic Period (1923-1950)

After the establishment of Turkish Republic, it was seen that some measurements and rules were put into regulation for the interior (domestic) security and the country was divided into new divisions in order to provide the administaration. The challenges seen during the World War I and the National struggle affected the national security of the country. As a result, the circumstances overtaken from the Ottoman Empire depicted that the country faced with serious problems in terms of security and interior(domestic) affairs. The insufficiency in the number and qualification of the administrators and security staff affected to carry on the duties in the field of administration and the security. Insufficiency in the number of security staff fell behind the desired level. Deficiencies seen in the management of the villages and the financial problems that the villagers suffered from attracted attention. In the villages, there seen land problems among the villagers because of the lackness of the land title records. Having made many regulations in the field of administrative division, municipality services, village life, security services and in other fields, the problems arisen were tried to be cleared away.


Turkish Republic, Administrative Division, İnterior Security, City Management, Village Management.

Author : - Mehmet Evsile
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