Foreign Jews in Ottoman Palestine and Protection Problems

The Jews were one of the communities scattered across the world in a wide geographical area. But in the nineteenth century when nation-states were established, the Jews became one of the undesirable communities in Europe. The Jews were subjected to forced resignation by Western states. During migration some of the Jews came to the Ottoman lands. Their primary goal was to settle in Palestine. When the Jews served the Zionist idea, the Ottoman administration forbade them to settle in Palestine. This time, Western states began to protect Jews. Thus, they aimed to appear friendly to the Jews as they created the reason for intervention in the Ottoman internal affairs. The Jews also supported patronage policies in order to benefit from the privileges the Ottoman State had granted to Western states.Our work examines the legal status of Jews who have settled in Ottoman lands and have foreign passports in the late 19th century.


Ottoman Empire, Palestine, Jews, Protection

Author : İbrahim Serbestoğlu - İbrahim Serbestoğlu
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