The Birth of Modern Egypt (in the Equation of Investment, Credit, and Bankruptcy) and a French Actor: Edouard Andre Dervieu

The Ottoman Empire lost its influence in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 19th century, which left the fate of the region to the French and the British powers’ rivalry and initiative. The two states entered into the competition to create areas of dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean and its hinterland. One of the most intense political and economic rivalries took place over the Egyptian geography. This situation caused a new age of change for the Eastern Mediterranean and Egyptian geography. The associated financial, trading, agricultural, and infrastructure companies as well as the activities of missionary and diplomatic institutions shaped the age of change. The actors such as Edouard Dervieu (Marseille 17 March 1824-Paris 1 December 1905), who prepared the ground for colonial and mandate system as well as the flow of the capital within this system, played a vital role on Egypt's fate. In brief, the aim of this article examining Edouard Andre Dervieu’s activities and relations in Egypt is to show economic expansion of Europe around the world.


Edouard Andre Dervieu, Egypt, Investment, Credit, Cotton, Khedive Ismail

Author : - Süleyman Uygun
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