The Mills in Canik Sanjak in 19th Century

Author : Yasemin Hamzaoğlu
Number of pages : 235-260


The mills, perhaps one of the first inventions of humans, have been used throughout history to obtain flour, especially from grains, and as a driving force in various business areas. Over time, as the population of people increase, their needs increased and diversified. For this reason, more efficiency was requested from the mills and their capacities were increased. The workshops formed by the mills formed the prototype of today's factories. The study of mills gives us information about production, consumption, industry, trade and economic, social and political life in a region. 19th century was a period in which the Ottoman Empire underwent change and transformation in the developments both inside and outside. For this reason, the relationship of the mills with the production will be examined in the Canik Sanjak, which is an important port city that has both high production capacity and opening to the world.


mill, grain, factory.


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