Life in Golos District in the 19th Century

Author : Merve Yörükoğulları
Number of pages : 145-171


The 19th century is a period in which changes and transformation stake place across the world. It is seen that important development stok place in the Ottoman Empire with the declaration of Tanzimat in this period. Industrialized states searched for raw materials and markets. One of the countries most affected by this process was the Ottoman State. The most concrete example of the developments in the 19th century has been the development soccurring in urban buildings. Port cities, in particular, were the places where the change was experienced the most. In this context, port cities have always been at the forefront compared to other cities. Golos, which is a small settlement connected toTirhala Sanjak, entered the modernization process rapidly since the mid- 19th century. It has developed in a short time and has become a modern port city. In this article, the change process of the Golos kaza in the 19th century is discussed. In the light of the data obtained, the demographic structure of Golos was examined and Muslim and non-Muslim population ratios were tried to be revealed. At the same time, information was given about the events that affect social life. Educational and religious and cultural structure of the district was tried to be revealed.


Ottoman Empire, Golos, Tanzimat, Social Life


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