A Big Combatant of Anticommunism: Peyami Safa

Author : Sevilay Özer - Mehmet Kılıç
Number of pages : 295-309


The term of anti-communism, called opposed the communism, has been one of the most important parts of Turkish political life. Anti-communism, whose seeds were planted in the 1930s and 1940s, grew graudally in the 1950s. Especially during the Cold War the anti-communism which most nationalist community dwelt on communism, which according to nationalist Turkey's biggest enemy on all fronts has been the most important weapon in the war opposed to communism. Even anti-communism, anti-Soviet or anti-Leninism has turned up in Turkey. Peyami Safa is one of the most important names of anti-communism. Peyami Safa has been at the forefront of fighting the communism after his fight with his friend Nazım Hikmet. He has fought in an intellectual front with communism either his books and paragraph in his magazines. This war of Peyami Safa was supported by nationalist communities. Peyami Safa became an idol in nationalist communities and made it one of the most important names of anti-communism in this war, which it fought against communism.


Communism, Nationalism, Opposed to Communism


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