Karamandis Principality: Founders and Titles

Author : Ebru Bilget Fataha
Number of pages : 311 - 326


In the principalities that started to be established with the dissolution of the Anatolian Seljuks, each principality was engaged in the construction activities to the extent of its own economic power, while each principal built its own prestige structure. Each principal, established in different regions, wanted to show its strength and to prove its permanence with its architectural works that demonstrate its artistic taste. This situation has been very efficient for Anatolian architecture and art. Karamandis principality does not hesitate to use different cultural influences besides the existing Seljuk likes. These effects begin to create a unique originality in the architecture and decoration of Karamandis. We must consider the effects such as geography, material, artist as a whole in providing this change and new shaping. Of course, the biggest factor in the formation of a holistic understanding by gathering these different inputs belongs to the founders. While Karamandis was influenced by the geography in which they settled and Seljuk architecture and decoration examples, they should have used the artists in the region in their own development activities. It should have been ensured by the founders that local artists entered a different production process by harmonizing with the new emirate / changing political authority. In this study, it was tried to explain how the founders express themselves in the structures of Karamandis principality.


Architecture, Ermenek, Inscription, Karamandis, Larende


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